If you’ve been searching the web far and wide for anything related to anti-aging products or information you’ve more than likely come across a product called Skin Novela. It’s a heavily advertised anti-aging serum that’s starting to pick up steam. But is it worth trying? Read our full Skin Novela review below to find out!

Skin Novela Review

Skin Novela is a relatively new anti-aging brightening serum that, as far as we’re able to tell, is exclusively available online.




The company behind the serum claims that with regular use of the product users will notice dramatic change in their skin including:

  • Improvement of Overall Skin Tone
  • Firming of Loose or Saggy Skin
  • Reduction of Wrinkles and Fine Lines
  • Enhanced Hydration of the Skin
  • Elimination of Dark Circles and Under-Eye Puffiness

These are some pretty bold claims – especially considering the fact that there isn’t a major skin care brand behind the product. It’s not made by Obagi, Image Skin Care, Dermalogica, or any other well-recognized name in the industry.

In fact… it’s actually hard to determine exactly who makes this serum at all. But, we’ll get to that in a minute.

Let’s jump straight into our full Skin Novela review so you can learn more about the product itself.

Who it’s For

According to the official website for Skin Novela, the serum is made for anyone that wishes to improve the elasticity of their skin, lighten the skin, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fight back against dark circles under the eyes, and just get younger, more radiant skin altogether.

So basically… it’s for every woman on the planet because obviously we all want all of this and more.

But, does the serum live up to its over-the-top claims?

In our experience, the answer to this is a firm NO. We reveal why below.

Skin Novela Price

Skin Novela is very much a one-and-done, scammy beauty product that literally just flashes a fancy sales page in your face, gets you on-board with a very misleading monthly charged subscription.

The sales page tells you once you click the ‘rush my trial order’ button that you can get a 30-day supply on a 14-day trial for nothing but the cost of shipping – which is normally around $5 or $6. The misleading part, however, is that mentioned in fine print toward the bottom of the page it states that after the 14 day trial is up you will start being charged a whopping $89.95 PLUS shipping per month for a Skin Novela subscription. Let us go ahead and say this – there are very few anti-aging serums out there that are worth $95+ per month. Probably the only anti-aging products we’d recommend in that price range are the serums, creams, and other beauty products available in the Murad Resurgence line. Those products, however, are reliable, work well, and come from a well-respected name in the cosmetics industry. Skin Novela, on the other hand, has no major brand backing it and the product gives very disappointing results – definitely NOT worth the subscription price!

Skin Novela Reviews

Want to know what other people think of Skin Novela? Well, unfortunately you’ll be hard-pressed to find out. We haven’t been able to locate any legitimate reviews of the serum online anywhere. That just lends even more to how sketchy the product is.

Normally with popular cosmetics – whether it’s an anti-aging serum, skin brightening cream, or whatever else – you’d be able to find real consumer reviews for it online on sites like Amazon, TotalBeauty, or RealSelf. Against all odds, Skin Novela reviews don’t appear on any of these sites.

In fact, the only place you’ll find a “review” is on random health and beauty blogs that typically give it a very suspiciously high rating and send you directly to buy it.

All of these signs are major red flags and all the more reason to NOT get the Skin Novela anti-aging serum in our opinion. Take some time to read our links a review of the Murad Resurgence line of products, because we actually think they go out of their way to create skincare solutions that make a true difference.


  • Relatively easy to get
  • Has a nicely made sales page?

  • Not made by a well-known cosmetics company
  • Ingredients list not available
  • Only available for purchase online
  • Very sketchy subscription program


In most of our reviews for skin care products we like to dive into the full ingredients list to show people exactly what a cream or serum is made of and what components do what. We also like providing the composition of a product because some people have allergic reactions or just known issues with certain ingredients.

Sadly, however, we’re not able to provide an analysis of the Skin Novela ingredients.

Why? Well, because for some reason the company has chosen not to reveal whats in their serum. We weren’t able to find that information anywhere on their website or elsewhere on the web.

This is just another reason we don’t recommend spending your money on the Skin Novela serum. It’s just too sketchy in numerous ways and it’s more worth your time investing in anti-aging and skincare products that are known to actually work.


Out of all good consciousness we simply cannot recommend using Skin Novela for anti-aging purposes, for brightening up your skin, for reducing wrinkles… or really for anything else. The product doesn’t have a proven track record (that I can find), we don’t know exactly what’s in it, there isn’t any indication that any real person has ever used or reviewed the serum, and it’s downright ridiculously overpriced given that it’s not made by any respected cosmetics company.

There are plenty of other anti-aging serums out there that are more worth the money, have been proven by real women to work as described, and come from real skincare companies that care about their customers and products.


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