Every man and woman wants to have skin that is flawless, but not everyone is blessed with skin that has a smooth and even tone. Having an uneven skin tone can cause low self-esteem and cause people not to engage in social settings as often as they should because of embarrassment.’

How to Get Lighter Skin [FAST, Highly Effective Methods]

How to Get Lighter Skin

If you have uneven skin tone, freckles, or blotches on your skin because of exposure to the sun or if you are not satisfied with your current skin tone and want to know how to get lighter skin, then you are in luck. Not only are there ways that are extremely effective in lightening your skin, but they are natural and free of dangerous chemicals that have serious side effects.

Over-the-Counter Topical Treatments

If you are wondering how to get lighter skin, or simply get rid of dark spots and get an even skin tone, there are many products on the market that tout their ability to smooth out your face, arms, and help to even your color.

But, at what expense to your health? Many of the active ingredients in these products can be very hazardous to your health. Although some of the ingredients listed below have shown some results, the risk of very serious side effects and health problems can sometimes be irreversible.

Dangerous Chemicals in OTC Products

To give an example, the US has recently reported on a chemical by the name of hydroquinone, which is an active ingredient in many health care products in the United States.

Hydroquinone is used in many skin lightening creams and is used to help diminish the appearance of hyperpigmentation, sun spots and other inconsistencies in skin tone.

NOTE: One of the only topical creams we’ve found to be safe for getting lighter skin is a product called Meladerm. It doesn’t contain any harmful substances, works well, and can fix uneven skin tone relatively quickly. Read our review to learn more.

If you decide to use any product that contains this ingredient, please note that the risk of side effects such as rashes, hives, swelling of the face, lips of lounge has been reported in many individuals. It is hard to tell if someone will experience side effects from this type of chemical, but it has been shown to shown to have possible carcinogenic effects and turns into a toxin when it is exposed to sunlight.

This chemical is currently banned in Europe and if more reports come in, it may be banned in the US as well. Currently it is only available via prescription. Saying this, there are better and safer ways to lighten your skin without having to expose yourself to harmful chemicals and substances that can damage your health.

Although hydroquinone proved to be effective in evening out the skin, it came at a great cost to the consumer by having some very nasty side effects that created a more intense problem.

Mercurous Chloride is another chemical that has been banned in many countries and was originally used a skin lightening agent.

However, this product was found to accumulate in the body which caused users of this lightening agent to have high levels of mercury in their blood. Mercury was originally used because it helped to block the production of melanin but in the end, they were not able to keep this chemical from building up in the system, therefore causing very serious side effects.

Medical Spa Treatments

Spas and Anti-Aging clinics show individuals how to get lighter skin is through chemical peels and exfoliants because they help to shed a layer of skin very quickly. The active ingredients in chemical peels are Alpha Hydroxy Acids which have the ability to burn the skin and cause it to exfoliate fairly rapidly.

Chemical peels, although they can help the overall look of the skin, have shown to be ineffective on brown spots. Alpha Hydroxy Acids may help to remove some pigmentation but they can cause serious skin damage if the peel is not applied correctly.

Lightening Skin with Lasers

Lasers are another route that many clinics have promoted as their answer to how to get lighter skin. However, a non-ablative laser has not shown to have consistent results. And depending on where you live, a laser treatment can be quite expensive and you may experience down-time.

For many of people, the option of a laser and due to its inconsistent results, is simply not an option in order to try to see if it might work. Also, for those individuals who have darker skin, a laser is not very effective.


Cryosurgery is also another method people have tried for lightening their skin. Cryosurgery involves applying liquid nitrogen on the areas that are hyper pigmented, which causes the cells to be destroyed as the melanin flakes off as it rises to the surface of the skin. The effectiveness of this procedure will depend on the degree of pigmentation however. This procedure, although effective for some age spots, is very costly.

How to Naturally Lighten Skin

If you have tried creams, pills, and every over the counter product that supposedly helps you to get lighter skin, then you are not alone. There are countless people who want to know how to get lighter skin, but just cant find the right answer to help them.

Recently, we came across a new book entitled, Skin Whitening Forever. The author, part Jamaican and White, also struggled with the desire to lighten her skin. She tried bleaching creams, gels, anything she could get her hands on but nothing worked.

Read our review of Skin Whitening Forever to learn more about what the book covers.

She too, experienced the harmful effects of some of the chemicals we mentioned above. In fact, she experienced quite a set back from trying a prescription solution that was supposed to help her and be the final solution to lighter skin.

After years of failing and research on how to get lighter skin, she finally found a real solution to lighten her skin that produced a clear, clean and healthy skin tone.

In her book, you can find the real answer to how to get lighter skin by resorting to common items that you can find in the grocery store that are nowhere near as expensive as the dangerous chemicals found in the banned lightening products above.

In fact, she will show you why your skin changes colors by itself and how you can take advantage of this as well how your diet plays a role when you are lightening your skin. Again, if you have tried countless skin lightening cream products and gotten nowhere, you can now benefit from her years of struggle as she shares information that will change the way you look at how to get lighter skin forever.

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