The Derm Report is a mommy-run website, which you could tell if I stopped long enough to photograph the peanut butter on the keyboard where I write and the diapers that seem to ALWAYS block the little tray where paper is supposed to spit out of my printer.

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Drop us a line if you’d like to try writing reviews and guides for us!

Wait. Focus.

Anyway, skin products do not review themselves, and it would be pretty luxurious to have help from any of you out there who can objectively write up your experience with anything from acne wash to skin lightening cream.

I can’t promise you fame or fortune, but I am happy to pay you for the effort. The truth is, we are small but surprisingly popular… and I just can’t find the time to review everything out there.  I also don’t have a huge range of my own skin issues, so I could use input from those of you who are trying to cover or correct your own “stuff” too.

If you’re interested in doing occasional (or even, regular) writing for us, reach out by filling in the boxes below.  Put the word “Dove” at the beginning of your subject line so that I know you took the time to read this and I will follow up with you as soon as I wipe the peanut butter off my keyboard.


(Due Credit Given – my hubs is a tech dude so this site wouldn’t run at all without him)

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