You have to be good friends with someone to bring up the subject of vaginal looseness. It’s like a lot of other typical medical conditions, but it does involve a body part associated with an unbelievable amount of potential stigma, and so many women are even hesitant to bring the issue up during gynecological visits.

However, because it’s incredibly important to our psyche as wives and lovers, we’re going to talk about it a little bit right here. Let’s lay the groundwork though with a little bit of discussion about our nether regions.

In general, vaginal muscles are pretty elastic. Mother nature has thought of pretty much everything, and the walls of our vaginas can stretch far enough to allow childbirth and intercourse, but otherwise remain closed and protected when not stimulated.

The Aging Vagina

v-tight gel for vaginal tighteningUnfortunately, as we age, the elasticity of our body’s muscles tends to deteriorate. And extreme stretching, such as we experience during vaginal childbirth, can accelerate that deterioration. We have all heard of women who experience vaginal looseness as they age, and one of the unfortunate side effects can be far less sensitivity during sex.

To varying degrees, we are all sexual creatures, and orgasms are one of the most pleasurable sensations we will ever experience. This notion that age and stretching might eventually take away our ability to orgasm can be psychologically devastating.

How about you?

Have you found yourself feeling a bit looser between your legs since giving birth, going through menopause, or just from odd hormone changes? Don’t be embarrassed, it happens to a lot of women. And, lucky for you, there are ways to manage it.

There are, of course, surgical solutions that will tighten a vagina. But that can be super expensive and any surgery bears with it a certain degree of risk that none of us like to think about. For that reason, we are going to explore home remedies to see if any of them have promise.

One such method is using a specialized gel like V-Tight. Below we provide a detailed review of this product to inform you about what it does, how it works, and whether it’s worth buying.

Could This Even Be Much Worse?

Look, vaginal looseness is a REAL issue.  And no one wants to identify a solution more than I do, but this just doesn’t appear to be it.  I’ve never tried it, but the reviews are absolutely pitiful.

Alternatives ARE listed below, though.



  • Firm & tighten naturally
  • Enhanced orgasms
  • Restore lubrication / eliminate dryness
  • Help restore suppleness
  • Very mixed reviews
Active agent: Manjakani Extract

For whatever reason a complete list of ingredients for V-Tight doesn’t seem to exist. The only substance that any website or blog lists is Manjakani extract which comes from Oak galls found in some parts of Asia. This substance is known for its ability to restore elasticity.

Childbirth, and aging in general, are hard on the body. Both of these can pull the vaginal walls out of shape, and V-Tight Gel is an all-natural solution.

How to Use V-Tight Gel

It’s fair to say that finding details about the proper use of this gel has been extra difficult. We do know that it’s a gel, so that there will be direct application involved. And because the central selling point of the product is to tighten the vaginal walls, we can expect that insertion is also required.

Most similar gels recommend a daily application where you insert your fingers and slowly apply the gel to the vaginal walls once per day. I suspect that’s the case here, as well.

Neither of these is a problem for us as women, as far as I can see. But what has thrown me off a little bit here is that the product page online indicates that we are talking about both a gel and an “exercise program” in one shot. I can’t find any information about what this exercise regimen is, so I am even more hesitant to recommend the purchase.

Review Summary

We like products that come with reasonable guarantees, and in looking into the guarantee that comes with V-Tight Gel, it’s pretty clear that once you open the container the guarantee is voided. That means you’d be buying a gel with reviews that are all over the map, with no assurance that you can first see how it works out for you.

We are not giving up on the idea of vaginal tightening in any way, but there are other products out there that use the same active ingredient and have consumer friendly return guarantees to boot.

If you’re looking for a more reliable, more effective product, we highly recommend trying IsoSensuals Tight as it has been proven to work, is easy to apply, and it has a real guarantee!


Works as it says, could feel a significant difference especially during sexual intercourse. I highly recommend. Have tried other brands and they can’t compare.

Black Beauty

Amazon review

One star

This product doesn’t work at all!!!


Amazon review

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