My Favorite Way to Get Rid of Skin Tags

As you already know, I’m not the least bit afraid of creating negative reviews on the site. I have had threats for everything from legal action to having my site taken down, you name it. But I’ve laughed through every one of those challenges.

I’ve only ever expressed my opinion about products. And I’ve never set out to slander any company, product or person.

I’m going to share with you something about skin tag removal. It might seem pretty controversial if you surf many “review” websites.

That’s because most will say positive things about any product to earn a commission. But this comes from personal experience, and is solid advice.

Do Skin Tag Removal Creams Work?

In my experience, no they don’t. I have tried DermaBellix, and you can review what I wrote about it here. I’ve tried at least two other creams that had decent reviews, but they did nothing for me.

But I developed a skin tag on my neckline, right around where a necklace lays. It was in a prime place for getting caught up in links, often becoming inflamed, irritated and sore.

Do You Need A Dermatologist To Remove A Skin Tag?

TagBand kit for skin tag removal

The TagBand system has everything you need to isolate the skin tag and begin the process of removal

I reached out to a local dermatologist, and he did take a look at it. There’s no doubt that he could have removed it, but it was going to be expensive.

On top of that, our health insurance covers none of the $450! You will find the same thing, because it’s generally not medically necessary.

When he determined that I wasn’t going to go ahead with the procedure, he said I do have one idea for an alternative. By this time, I figured this one also came with a price tag that would upset me.

But what he said was, go on Amazon and buy a skin tag removal tool. No strings, no catches, just some free advice from him.

A Few Things You Need to Understand about Skin Tags

Skin tags are living skin, with the exception that they pop up above your normal level of dermis. Really, it’s nothing more than a benign polyp. But they are unattractive and, in some cases, friction will cause them to become sore or even bleed.

You have to ask yourself if either of those two is bothering you enough to pay for a solution. In my case, because I like to wear metallic chains around my neck, it became important.

The Easiest Way to Remove a Skin Tag

So I searched on Amazon for tools that will remove skin tags. These gadgets apply something that looks a lot like dental floss around the base of the skin tag. This cuts off regular blood flow. Once blood flow ends, it takes somewhere around 6 to 8 days for the tag itself to die. It should then simply drop off, at least within a day or two more.

On the third day, I noticed a little bit of moisture on the skin tag itself. I began dabbing it with tea tree oil in the morning and in the evening to keep it from becoming infected. That worked perfectly.

My skin tag dropped off somewhere around the Day 6 or 7 mark, taking the little dental floss style rope with it. And I didn’t even notice.

Since I used this method, my skin has returned to complete flatness. I don’t notice any scarring left behind by the tag that was there. So, for you go racing off to a dermatologist, give this a try. In my book, I saved more than $400 this way!

A Skin Tag Removal Tool That Works & Was Dermatologist Recommended
Review Summary
Skin tags are hideous - and EXPENSIVE to have removed by a dermatologist. The TagBand was easy to use and perfectly effective - all for just $20
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TagBand Skin Tag Removal Tool

Here’s the one that I used, with a couple of other ideas underneath of it. If you have any questions, reach me through the contact page and I will help if I can.

Skin Tag Removal

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Other Skin Tag Solutions

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