CLENZIderm is a line of products created by Obagi that are designed to eliminate acne. While the products within the line can be purchased individually they are meant to be used as part of a kit. There are 2 Obagi CLENZIderm kits available: one that is for normal to dry skin types and one that is for normal to oily skin types.

Obagi CLENZIderm Review

Both kits are a 3 part system that include cleansers, moisturizers, and either a pore therapy treatment or a therapeutic lotion depending on which kit you get. The entire CLENZIderm system is a little pricey but has been proven to work on nearly every form of acne, including bad cystic cases.


It is a daily 3 step system that cleanses the skin, penetrates deep into pores for best effectiveness, moisturizes the skin, helps get rid of acne, and prevents future breakouts.

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Alternatives ARE listed below, though.

  • Clears acne at the source
  • Complete solution
  • Works fast
  • Tailored for all skin types
  • Not the cheapest option

Each of the CLENZIderm MD kits from Obagi includes the same basic products with a few slight modifications to fit the skin types each one is designed for. Both kits include a total of 3 different products. In order to learn about what ingredients that are found in the CLENZIderm products we recommend you read about each product individually.

These include:

  • Obagi Therapeutic Lotion
  • Obagi Therapeutic Moisturizer
  • Obagi Pore Therapy
  • Obagi Daily Care Foaming Cleanser
  • Obagi Daily Care Cream Cleanser

Be sure to check out the ingredients of each one before purchasing or using it. Go over their components to ensure they don’t have anything that you’re allergic to. And, as always, you should consult your doctor and dermatologist before beginning the use of any skin care products to make sure they’ll be good for you.

Worked When the Prescription Creams Didn’t!

Obagi is a LIFE SAVER. After having clear skin for years, I developed acne all over my cheeks, chest, and back as a result of taking medication. Not even prescription acne cream would heal it! I was about to give up on ever having beautiful skin again, but then I found Obagi. It might be a bit pricey, but it is well worth every penny. It keeps my acne under control when nothing else can. My skin is almost as clear as it ever was, if not more so at times.

My favorite part of the kit is foaming cleanser; it makes your pores feel like a peppermint. However, the therepeutic lotion is what really does the trick (but note that it can sometimes burn if you use too much, or if your skin is particularly sensitive).

One of the best discoveries I’ve ever made. Already on my second kit. It’s made such a difference.

Morgan McManus

Amazon review

Best Acne Treatment Ever

This is one of the only things that has worked to clear my acne. The first few days of using this product my skin got super dry and flakey but within the week my acne was noticeably clearer. It took about 3-4 weeks to completely clear up but I haven’t had such clear skin with any other regimen. I never go without these products. Tip: the drying lotion can be very stinging. I recommend waiting a good 10-30 mins after toner to reduce irritation. I recommend this to anyone struggling with acne.


Amazon review

Our Review

At The Derm Report we’re huge fans of Obagi products, and that goes for the CLENZIderm M.D. acne kit, too. We’ve tested several other acne systems and none come close to the effectiveness of Obagi’s CLENZIderm. It works fast and they have kits that are tailored for all skin types. Unlike other products this one actually provides visible results in just a few weeks, it doesn’t cause irritation, and it doesn’t leave your skin too dry or too oily.

The biggest drawback with the CLENZIderm system is the price. It’s definitely not the cheapest acne solution available but, as previously mentioned, it IS one of the best.

Want to See If This Can Help?

Obagi CLENZIderm M.D. System
284 Reviews
Obagi CLENZIderm M.D. System
  • Daily care foaming cleanser (4 fl. Oz.), pore therapy (5 fl. Oz.), therapeutic lotion (1.6 fl. Oz.)
  • Clenziderm MD Acne Therapeutic System Kit Includes: Pore Therapy 5fl oz, Therapeutic Lotion 1.6 fluid oz, Daily Care Foaming Cleanser 4 fluid oz)
  • Three-step acne treatment with clinically proven benzoyl peroxide to help control adult acne for a clearer, healthier-looking complexion.

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