Is Illuminatural 6i As Good As People Say… The Short Answer is Yes!

In this day and age, skin care products are booming! Let’s face it; everyone wants to look better than the next person and this is why these products do so well.

One of the biggest sellers on the market today is skin lightening products. Although these products are popular, the majority of consumers do not worry about checking the ingredients to see what they are actually putting on their skin.

Skin Brightening

“This is where the problem lies. Most skin lightening products are full of dangerous chemicals and toxic agents, with some including steroids, mercury and hydroquinone”

I’m sure if the majority of consumers were aware of this, they would think again about buying the product.

When it comes to skin care, there’s one simple rule you need to remember. You should only ever use natural products that contain 100% natural ingredients.

Illuminatural 6i Review

One of the top selling skin lighteners does just that! Illuminatural 6i is one of the few skin lighteners available today that avoids the use of harmful chemicals in its formula.



Below, we provide a full review of this product, shed light on the ingredients its made with, show you what Illuminatural 6i reviews from real consumers have to say about the cream, and much more. Let’s jump straight into it!

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What Does It Do?

Skin lightening products like Illuminatural are designed to reduce the appearance of skin blemishes by lightening the skin. This product in particular is able to reduce the appearance of the following:

  • Age spots
  • Moles
  • Sun damage
  • Freckles
  • Acne scars
  • Birth marks
  • Old scars
  • And much more!

The product works by inhibiting the tyrosinase enzyme that stimulates skin cells and cause them to produce melanin (the dark pigment).

It is excess amounts of melanin that are the cause of skin blemishes and dark spots. It can also uneven the skin tone and cause hyper pigmentation.

Illuminatural 6i also works to exfoliate the pigmented cells which encourage new skin cells to grow. It is a much safer and convenient alternative to exfoliating the skin with a peeler.

Who is Illuminatural 6i for?

If you suffer from blemishes of the skin, dark spots or an uneven complexion, this product is able to help you. Because it is completely natural, it is a safer alternative to other skin lightening products which you regularly see in the shops.

You are also protected by a 100% money-back guarantee, which means if you are not happy, for whatever reason, you will get a full refund!

Well worth considering I say, check out the official site here.

The Pros

  • Helps new, lighter skin cells come to the surface
  • Interrupts and reduces the production of melanin pigmentation
  • Helps to block UV Rays with organic, plant-based sun filters
  • Slough off dead, pigmented cells, for faster lightening
  • Promotes a healthy skin cell regeneration cycle
  • Backed by a great guarantee

The Cons

  • There are no free trial offers
  • Slightly higher cost than some other creams

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So you know the magic that this product can do for the skin, let’s have a look at the formula that enables it to do all this.

Niacinamide – This ingredient is a B vitamin that is involved in over 200 chemical reactions inside the human body. It is able to eliminate hyper pigmentation, usually in under a month.

Alpha Arbutin – This natural ingredient is derived from fruits. It has been proven to reduce the production of melanin by up to 70%. One study revealed that this ingredient was 60% more effective at lightening the skin than harmful skin bleachers.

Beta Glucan – This is often called the natural alternative to Botox. It helps to get rid of dead skin cells and promotes new ones to grow. It also promotes the health of macrophages that destroy mutated skin cells.

So far the customer feedback has been very positive. Many people have taken to the natural approach of lightening their skin, mainly due to the fact that it is completely safe and has no known side effects. Here is what one customer had to say:
I have severe hyperpigmentation I bought this product of course in the beginning I feel that I’ve wasted money because nothing seems to work. Well not true I’ve used illuminatural for 7 days after the third day I talked to my sister she is a chemist she told me that alpha arbutin one of the products in your serum is absorbed better if the the skin is damp i started to use it that way today is day seven and the severe darkness of the hyperpigmentation is barely noticeable and my makeup doesn’t look like I smeared mud underneath it this product not only works i actually feel pretty instead of feeling like a freak. Please pass this review on so others will use a product that works but I feel having a damp face injected its ability to work faster. K. Epling

Where Can I Buy Illuminatural 6i?

Illuminatural 6i is available from a number of outlets, however, we highly recommend that you only buy Illuminatural 6i from the manufacturers website HERE.

Buying from the official website means that you can get the best deals and you are covered by their 90 day money back guarantee. Making your purchase completely RISK FREE. If you don’t see a difference within 90 days simply follow the instructions on the company website to get your money back.

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How Much is Illuminatural 6i?

Illuminatural 6i is $49.95 for a single bottle which is one months supply. However they do offer deals for multi buy options.

The cost of three months supply is reduced to $117.95 a saving of $32 and their best deal is for a six month supply, that is $199.95 a total saving of $100.00 reducing the cost per single unit only $33.33.

As it takes around 8 weeks to see the best results possible, it’s highly recommended that you snag the 3 month package, that way you will save money and with the guarantee offered by the manufacturers if you see no improvement within the 90 days simply return the product to get your money back.

It’s a win-win situation. With the 3 month package you save a ton of money per bottle, you’ll get guaranteed results, and you don’t risk losing a single penny. It’s a no-brainer, honestly.


Illuminatural 6i is a natural and safe alternative to some of the more dubious skin lightening creams that are available on the market today. If you suffer with dark spots, skin blemishes or an uneven complexion and you want to improve the way you look then Illuminatural 6i is a good choice for you.

With the full backing that is available from the manufacturer you can try Illuminatural 6i completely risk FREE. So head over to the official website and discover what Illuminatural 6i can do for you.

Thank you for reading our Illuminatural 6i review. We hope you have found it informative, if you have please share it with a friend!

Other Products to Consider

Not too impressed with Illuminatural, or just want to explore other options? We totally get that! It’s always smart to have a few products in mind to find one that suits your skin beautifully.

So, what other skin lighteners are out there that are actually worthy of a purchase? There are a few fantastic products we recommend on a regular basis that work well for skin lightening and dark spot fighting purposes.

Here are a few we think you’d like:

Zeta White is fairly new, but has already been proven to be highly effective at managing skin tones, getting rid of dark spots, and brightening up your complexion. It’s a 3-part system designed to treat skin pigmentation issues from every angle.

Meladerm is one of the most popular options. It, too, is a topical cream applied daily that helps slow the production of melanin to reduce patches of dark skin and even out the skin tone overall.

Mela-D is great product from La Roche-Posay, one of the most respected names in the beauty industry. This is a serum that removes stubborn spots, can tackle freckles, and helps promote healthy skin development.

So, aside from using Illuminatural 6i – those are the three skin lighteners we highly recommend. There are others that do the job well, but these are the best in our opinion.

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