Health and fitness are the latest buzzwords that we’re seeing everywhere and they show the underlying trend that the world is embracing. It’s the time to be in shape, look good and really take care of yourself and gym memberships are soaring.

slendertone beltOf course having a great physique takes a lot of dedication with diet and exercise both playing a major part in the equation. The science behind exercise has come a long way in recent years and we’re now seeing more focused routines, better results and incredible outcomes from the health and fitness lifestyle.

Abdominal muscles (abs) have always been one of the most important elements to looking good and a lot of focus has been put on them. Your abs, just like any other muscle group, require training but when this is done well the outcomes are incredible with definition and strength.

The benefits of healthy abs goes further than aesthetics. Healthy abdominals are essential to avoiding long term problems which can come from bad posture or poor support. This is incredibly important for taller individuals.

It’s not as easy as showing up, working out and getting those abs. You need specialized equipment and dedicated workouts to achieve the desired results. For abdominals it’s doubly hard because you have to work on lowering your general body fat % so they are actually visible.

This means real dedication and energy has to be spent on maintaining your abs. This just isn’t practical for those of us with really busy lives. Luckily now there’s a solution for getting better results more effortlessly.


Slendertone is changing the way we think about our abs. By using a toning belt on our abs we can really help add to the definition and shape of the muscles in the region. If you’re looking for firmer and more defined abs then Slendertone just might be for you.

This is a medically approved system to help define your abs using electrical muscle stimulation. The belt uses electrodes which connect directly to your body and pass a small electrical charge through the skin. This charge causes the muscle to contract, like when you exercise, and then relax. This continuous contraction and relaxation stimulates the muscle, helping tone and firm your abs.

Slendertone does need to be used regularly to get results and it isn’t an instant miracle cure. However there are a number of key benefits to Slendertone that we just can’t overlook.

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Benefits of Slendertone

Slendertone has been designed by professionals with years in the fitness and sport industry. They’ve used that experience to design a product with a number of key benefits:

  • Time Saving

It removes the need for long and energy expending core workouts. Instead you can attach it to your abs while you’re doing something else and the belt will give you that workout you need.

  • Even Tone

One of the real difficulties with abs can be getting a symmetrical look and even firmness. The belt let’s you work out all your abs at the same time, helping for  more even and better looking mid section.

  • Multi Purpose

The device has a number of uses for individuals. It was first designed to be used short term by anyone who was competing or maybe taking part in a marathon. It’s also suitable for those who are using it regularly for tone or others looking to drop that baby weight. It’s really a useful tool for everyone.

Slendertone has been designed to be very effective at what it does. It tones abs with no effort and is a perfect addition to every work out. If you want firmer and better looking abs then it’s an essential for you.