We all age, and as we do we have to start reassessing our health and lifestyle choices. When we’re young we don’t have to consider so many different elements but as we move into our later years these new developments become primary concerns, and we have to take them on board.

beauty as a senior citizenAging is different for everyone and there are a number of factors that influence exactly what will happen. Genetics play a large part in the process but the environment you live in will also have an impact. Different societies may see certain differences in the aging process, influenced by the lifestyle and culture (different foods etc).

However, despite your heritage or choices there are certain aspects of aging you can’t avoid. Aging skin is the number one concern to a lot of people, and it’s one of the most noticeable features of aging. Wrinkles, loose skin and age spots will become common for older people and naturally people want to protect against it.

Beyond the aesthetics, older people will also need to consider their health. As we age our bodies are less able to deal with the stresses of day to day life, or recover from exercise or activity. Muscle fatigue and joint pain become more common, especially in the hips, legs and back regions.

This can lead to a dramatic reduction in mobility and, in certain cases, independence. This can present real challenges and mean that sometimes you will need to rely on the help of others.

Aged Care Company

As you get older there are different priorities and you may find you need more care and support. Care homes can help provide this for you, or a loved one, and let people get the most from their twilight years.

Different care homes have different services to fit different needs. Some facilities offer lifestyle events and even organize community outings. All of these are designed with the wellbeing of the elderly in mind and to provide the best care solutions.

Beauty Products for Old Skin

As our skin ages, it isn’t able to heal and restore itself as effectively. This is primarily because the body stops producing a number of vital elements which are essential for healthy skin. Elastin and collagen are what give the elasticity to your skin and as you age your body produces less of these.

Your skin is kept healthy and hydrated in part by oils produced by your body. Once you hit a certain age your body will no longer be able to produce these and unfortunately for women this can happen as early as your 40s.

The combination of these means that your skin is no longer the first layer of protection that it needs to be. It’s less resilient and will struggle to heal from the impacts of day to day life. UV radiation and the elements will take their roll and can lead to marks or even scarring. Stretch marks can appear as the skin is no longer able to hold its shape. You can also see the formation of wrinkles and looser layers of skin.

Thankfully, despite these challenges, there are a number of products that can give you a fighting chance in both preventing these changes and dealing with them after they have occurred.

Most major beauty brands now stock a range of anti-ageing products and have specific lines for older skin. Big brands, like Clarins and Clinique, have a large number of products on offer but you’ll also find there are boutique brands offering similar things.

There’s a lot on offer but there are four main aspects you will want to address when dealing with your skin:

● Hydration
● Moisturising
● Regeneration
● Protection

Powerful hydration and moisturising is important for promoting healthy skin, which will be resistant to marks or scarring. Most anti-ageing products will be built on a foundation of a moisturiser so this shouldn’t be hard to find.

For regeneration, you will want to look for products that are using certain plant extracts. These will likely contain vitamin A which is vital for toning and firming up skin to prevent any wrinkles or looseness.

Finally, you want something that can help regenerate your skin. This can be the most challenging quality to find however again, look at the ingredients list and see what extracts are being used. Banana and ginger extracts have been proven to provide protection by acting as antioxidants and promoting skin density.

The price for all of these products will vary and depending on your budget you may lean more towards a certain brand. No matter what you choose you should make sure you’re using gentle products that promote your skin health.

Beauty Routines for Old Skin

So, what is the ideal beauty routine for old skin? Well as with any skin care regime it’s going to be personal to you, but it’s about a combination of steps that ensure all bases are covered. For older skin, it’s all about promoting healthy, clean skin that will offer the maximum protection.

You should start with a cleanser. This will remove any dirt or grime that has accumulated throughout the day, however for older skin this need to be gentle to avoid irritation. Look for a sensitive cleanser in most cases.

Exfoliation is the next and perhaps most crucial step. This will help remove any old, dead skin tissue which will not only help your skin look more radiant but also help promote new skin cells to grow. This will help keep your skin looking fresh and firm.

Toner is another important part of the process. By using a specialist anti-aging toner with the ingredients mentioned above you can help stop the aging process. Firm skin is less likely to wrinkle or loosen and a toner will help achieve this.

Finally, moisturizer. Look for a specific anti-ageing moisturizer as this will contain vitamins and minerals that hydrate and protect your skin throughout the day. A night cream will also help keep you protected and hydrated throughout the night.

All of these steps, applied regularly, can help stop the effects of aging and even make your skin look younger and healthier.

Whatever routine you choose to adopt, or products you use, the key to success is to start early. By adopting the right approach when you’re young you will be able to keep your skin healthy for longer and reduce the impact of aging dramatically.