First of all, welcome to my site!

I’m Tara Danielsen and I made this website to discuss what works (and doesn’t) among thousands of skincare products out there these days.  I’m not an expert, but I do have more issues than I wish I had with skin and so I know enough to test products out and give you an honest opinion on them I had terrible acne growing up and somehow didn’t wind up with any scarring.

Believe me… it’s a miracle.

So I do have a ton of experience with facial care and I’m working hard to hold of everything from crow’s feet to stretch marks as I head toward my mid-30’s.

Things you should know:

– I don’t accept ANY free samples for my reviews

– I do get small commissions when you buy things through my website – mostly Amazon because their prices are budget-friendly and that’s where I get 90% of the beauty products I buy too.

Also, I really do value your input. It can be as simple as suggesting a product you’d like me to review, or pointing out any mistakes I make when I write. I’ve got pretty thick skin and I want to fix any errors.

Thanks for coming! I hope you find some good ideas here.