NOTE: Like so many great finds in the beauty aisle, we can no longer locate this one for you. I put together a list below of some of the best ones with competitive prices at Amazon.

When wandering through Boots yesterday (no wonder I have so many advantage points, twice in one week?!) I noticed pretty much every brand had a 3 for 2 offer on cosmetics. If you could mix and match the brands I probably would have ended up with a few more bits, however I went in specifically looking for a new foundation, of which I’ll do another post about!

I was browsing through the brands and spied two pretty little palettes from the Boots brand 17; one had pastel colors and the other which I picked up was called metallic nudes.

17 Metallic Nudes
I love the packaging! It screams pretty and every time I look at the pink and gold design on the front it instantly reminds me of spring, which is fast approaching! It does feel plasticy, however at the same time it feels sturdy and compact. It doesn’t feel very cheap either, which I think is aided by the lovely pattern on the front.

The palette comes equipped with its own large mirror and double-ended sponge tip applicator, perfect for if you’re on the go! There are six colors in the palette, all of which (as the name suggests) are metallic. The color pay off is brilliant for such an inexpensive product! I love how the colors aren’t set out in the typical way of a palette too!

The colors remind me of a smaller, cheaper alternative to the Urban Decay Naked Palette which I bought last summer, and at more than a quarter of the price (and size) it’s a lot more affordable for those who refuse to part with a lot more money for the Naked Palette.

On the top row of my hand are colors taken from the Urban Decay Naked palette and on the bottom are some of the colors taken from 17’s Vintage Love Metallic Nudes palette.

Urban Decay Naked colors from left to right – sin, sidecar, half baked and toasted.

As the swatches show, some of the colors from the Metallic Nude palette can easily pass as cheaper dupes for some of Urban Decay’s colors! Although the last colors swatched on my hand look completely different from one another, they look a lot similar in person as they both have pinkish undertones which reflect the light!

I think this is a lovely little palette in every aspect; packaging, pigmentation, price and color! Definitely worth its price tag!

[amazon bestseller=”Metallic Makeup” items=”3″ ]