Clenziderm is a line of products created by Obagi that are designed to eliminate acne. While the products within the line can be purchased individually they are meant to be used as part of a kit. There are 2 Clenziderm kits available: one that is for normal to dry skin types and one that is for normal to oily skin types.

Obagi Clenziderm Review

Obagi Clenziderm

Both kits are a 3 part system that include cleansers, moisturizers, and either a pore therapy treatment or a therapeutic lotion depending on which kit you get. The entire Clenziderm system is a little pricey but has been proven to work on nearly every form of acne, including bad cystic cases.

It is a daily 3 step system that cleanses the skin, penetrates deep into pores for best effectiveness, moisturizes the skin, helps get rid of acne, and prevents future breakouts.


Each of the Clenziderm MD kits from Obagi includes the same basic products with a few slight modifications to fit the skin types each one is designed for. Both kits include a total of 3 different products. In order to learn about what ingredients that are found in the Clenziderm products we recommend you read about each product individually.

These include:

  • Obagi Therapeutic Lotion
  • Obagi Therapeutic Moisturizer
  • Obagi Pore Therapy
  • Obagi Daily Care Foaming Cleanser
  • Obagi Daily Care Cream Cleanser

Be sure to check out the ingredients of each one before purchasing or using it. Go over their components to ensure they don’t have anything that you’re allergic to. And, as always, you should consult your doctor and dermatologist before beginning the use of any skin care products to make sure they’ll be good for you.

Obagi Clenziderm Reviews

Generally speaking, Obagi’s Clenziderm MD acne kits have received mostly rave reviews. A lot of people believe that it is the best system available for getting rid of acne and clearing up skin. There are a few average to poor reviews, too, as with most other products. This product tends to work very well for most people but, as with most other cosmetics, results will vary from person to person.

We always recommend that people check out the opinions of actual customers before purchasing any skin care product. Below we’ve provided screenshots of a few of the many reviews we found for the Clenziderm system on the web for you to look over.

Obagi Clenziderm Reviews


Obagi Clenziderm Reviews 2

Obagi Clenziderm Reviews 3

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Based on the opinions of actual consumers you can see that this product is generally favored over other acne systems. Loads of people claim that it cleared up their acne breakouts in a matter of 2-4 weeks of use. Many also state that it works well for cystic acne and it helps to brighten and smooth the skin, too.

Our Review

At The Derm Report we’re huge fans of Obagi products, and that goes for the Clenziderm M.D. acne kit, too. We’ve tested several other acne systems and none come close to the effectiveness of Obagi’s Clenziderm. It works fast and they have kits that are tailored for all skin types. Unlike other products this one actually provides visible results in just a few weeks, it doesn’t cause irritation, and it doesn’t leave your skin too dry or too oily.

The biggest drawback with the Clenziderm system is the price. It’s definitely not the cheapest acne solution available but, as previously mentioned, it IS one of the best.

Where to Buy It

Interested in trying out Obagi’s Clenziderm kit for yourself? The best place to get it is online. Some retailers do like to put a high ticket price on it, though. On Amazon you can purchase the entire kit or buy the products individually. They’re fast and have superb customer service, which is why we recommend buying from them.

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